As brand ekwit&shado stands for two icons and their product-portfolio consisting of content for convergent media: jpg, wallpaper, gif, ringtone, animated ringtone, track, short film, music video, video art, or even advertisement. ekwit&shado work via iconic, allegorical and archetypal appearances, whereas their creative centre is always the transgression of classical, binary dichotomies like fantasy and reality, fiction and fact, privacy and public, art and commerce, or culture and nature.
Formally their total art work moves towards the interactive, multimedia film. ekwit&shado are compelled by a passion for the hybrid that suggests, but retracts from explicit message, is incomplete and thereby stimulates fantasy. Their stylistic device is the embodiment of strategic archetypes and mythological heroes. Their conceptual approach is optimal for synergies with high-tech, telecommunication, lifestyle and fashion brands.

The communication and narration of the brand ekwit&shado takes place by crossing new audiovisual media and technology. The international dimension is established through the use of the English language and interculturally comprehensible images, motives and signs. In drawing up a textual, musical and visual connection ekwit&shado follow a coherent concept that precisely adjusts the multimedia signs.
The playing with the components secret and humour are the most prominent traits of the performer duo, besides their changeability and their talent to assimilate and rearrange. ekwit&shado are characterised by deconstructing and treating with irony, as well as by catchwords associated with pop art: popular, striking, playful, funny, tempting or sexy.



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